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Your Kingdom Come

The Gospel of Matthew works hard at shedding light on the fact that Jesus is the KING!  Jesus was worshipped as the King by the Wise men, he spoke about the coming Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus was killed by the Roman  authorities for his unwavering claim to be the King.  The Gospel of Matthew concludes with what is often called the Great Commission.  Jesus the King is telling his subjects (the disciples) to invite people everywhere to come to the King, join in the kingdom and begin to live out the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

In the middle of this Gospel (Matthew chp. 5-7) Jesus preached his most famous message about how to follow the King and live out the kingdom right now!  Often called the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus revealed that Normal isn't working and what it looks like to embrace, think and live the kingdom principles.  Our thoughts, our words, our relationships, our time, our money, our prayers all need to have a Kingdom overhaul.  

King Jesus is Real, the Kingdom of God is Real, Jesus will instruct us how to live it out in Real and practical ways.

We pray along with Jesus, "Your Kingdom Come, your will be done... on earth Just as It is in Heaven"

*New Sermon Series starting Sept. 2011