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Why We Do The Things We Do

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Date: November 5, 2017

Speaker: Erik Mickelson

Series: TITUS: Courage & Clarity Required

Category: Biblical

Scripture: Titus 2:11–2:15

Tags: #becauseHEfirstlovedus, #LiveLikeYouMeanIt, #CourageandClarity

WE know WHAT we’re called to. We’re called to live a self-controlled life, to live wisely, to be filled with love and patience, to be pure and good. We know we’re not supposed to slander others or steal or be heavy drinkers, we’re called to be the Good Guys. The Truth is, if we are going to live the life we’re called to we need to understand WHY, we don’t just need behavior modification, we need the proper motivation.

#becauseHEfirstlovedus #LiveLikeYouMeanIt #CourageandClarity