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29 Coffee

At our Sunday morning worship service we have a Refreshment Table set up in the back offering free coffee for everyone. Recently we have started serving 29 Coffee.

29 Coffee is made in Gig Harbor, WA by Cutter's Point who roasts premium Arabica beans. Coffee snobs agree, it's good coffee. But what's really great about 29 Coffee is that for every bag a person buys, $5 of that money goes directly toward funding Acts 29 Church Plants ( the church planting network that Harvest Community Church belongs to).

At Harvest we are serious about Leading People into a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ. 29 Coffee is just one more creative way to embrace God's mission to change lives.

It's not only great for churches, but individuals and/or families who are coffee addicts can subscribe to 29 Coffee straight from their website and have bags of coffee delivered right to their doorstep AND $5 a bag goes to Acts 29 Church Plants!

We encourage everyone to go to www.29coffee.com and read about their vision of planting churches "one cup at a time." It's a great company and a great way to support and spread the gospel simply by drinking coffee.