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New Service Launch

NEW Service Launch

A New Year... A New beginning.  On January 15, 2012 we LAUNCHED a NEW evening service from 6-7:30pm on Sunday nights at the Selah Civic Center.

Maybe Sunday is your sleep in day... join us at 6pm!
Maybe Sunday is your day to spend time with the family... join us at 6pm!
Maybe Sunday is your normal ski day... join us at 6pm!
Maybe Sunday is footbal day in America... DVR it and join us at 6pm!

Maybe Sunday Evening will be the time in the week that connects to your schedule to praise, worship and study God's word with others who want to Explore, Experience and Enjoy Jesus!


Why Launch a New Service?

We would plant a New service in order to create another opportunity to fulfill the mission that Christ has given us:

Leading People into a Growing relationship with Jesus Christ…

Who do we desire to reach with the New Service?

We specifically want to reach two groups.

  1. The Unchurched – our family and friends who don’t know Christ and aren’t a part of a Jesus centered church.
  2. The Dechurched – those who used to be active in following Jesus and have drifted away.

When will the New Service Launch?

The New Service LAUNCHES on January 15, 2012.

What time of day will the New Service be?

6:00PM - 7:30PM


Where will the New Service be held?

We will meet in the Selah Civic Center.