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As a church we receive a lot of requests for financial support and we want to be very strategic in how we approach these requests. Here are some questions we have used to help discern who to support.

  1. Do they align with our mission, strategy and theology?
  2. Do we have a relationship with them? (As a church we need to value genuine relationship/partnership)
  3. Is there an opportunity for us to partner together in ministry?
  4. Where do they fit in Acts chp. 1 verse 8 model regarding the Great Commission? (i.e. OUR Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth)
  5. Are they currently connected and active with a local church?

The elders have agreed to begin with one year commitments that can be renewed upon evaluation.
We are now in the process of establishing some evaluation measures to help us stay on Mission.
It is with great enthusiasm that we present our first partners in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Our Partners

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