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Church Planting

You've heard it said, "put your money where your mouth is."
We say, "Let's put our money where our Mission is." --The Mission:
Leading People Into a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ.

Harvest began in 2009 as an intentional church plant.  We are committed to supporting church planting efforts because we know that...  "the single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches."  -C. Peter Wagner
We are strategically supporting two church planting partners to see this effort go forward.


acts29a Acts 29 Network

We are part of what is known as the Acts 29 Network. Over the last ten years Acts 29 has emerged from a small band of brothers to over 400 churches in the United States and networks of chruches in mutliple countries. It is the desire of every church in the network to advance the mission of Jesus through obediently planting church-planting churches, which leads to millions of lives changed by the power of the Spirit for the glory of God. Discover more at


dcpi-logo  Dynamic Church Planting International

 DCPI Is a non-profit organization dedicated to Training and Equipping
 leaders to plant churches in every community around the world.  Their training was an
 indispensable aide to the organization and start of Harvest.  For an average of $85.00 a
 month a new leader-pastor can be trained and sent out to start a new church
 somewhere in our world.